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Visit Robert W. Buchanan, D.C., P.A. at 34th Street Chiropractic for an adjustment and comprehensive treatment plan. Chiropractic therapy is effective if you've been feeling an acute gnawing pain for a few months or even if you've been in intense pain for years.


Therapy is a safe and easy alternative to extreme treatment measures like injections, medication and surgery. You may feel relief after just one visit!

Pain relief you need for:

Don't live in pain any longer

  • Lower back

  • Upper back

  • Neck

  • Headache

  • Hip

  • Shoulder

  • Scoliosis

We generally recommend a treatment plan of two to three visits before you move on to other treatment methods. Our office has many success stories, including former patients who suffered in terrible pain for years before coming in for a life-changing adjustment.


With chronic conditions like scoliosis, we can't change the structure of your spine, but we can perform helpful adjustments to reduce discomfort. We also recommend stretching to relieve pressure. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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Take Advantage of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

There are no hidden fees or contracts for our services. Make an appointment for personable, skilled care from Dr. Buchanan.

$40 per service session